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Looking for business experts and professional services that will help your dance projects to develop and grow?  Our Associates provide all the support you need on a flexible basis.


We are all specialists, coming from the world of dance and the arts. We understand the issues and challenges that you might need our support to overcome.


Mentoring will provide you with confidential, one-to-one guidance, support and motivation to achieve your goals through a sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Our Mentors play a supportive and advisory role  and pass on to you what they’ve learned throughout their own career.  They will help you explore options, setting goals, developing contacts and identifying resources in the field of dance.


Confidential, one-to-one Coaching programs offer the challenge, encouragement, and support you need to find clarity of direction. By having a safe space for the conversations you are normally too busy to have, knowing you will not be judged, you will learn to believe in yourself, build courage and confidence to realise your full potential and discover your unique power for choosing your own future. You will strengthen resourcefulness for taking the right actions that will bring positive change to your business. There are a range of coaching options available through Dancer Services   for Coaching for Performers; Life Coaching and Career Coaching.


Professional support with your finances can include recording financial transactions; producing financial forecasts; dealing with payroll, invoices, expenses, VAT, tax returns, taking the pressure off you to focus on your creative work.

Project Management

Our Project Managers will take on the responsibility of planning your logistics and production needs, producing the project plan & timeline, scheduling the activities, contributing to the marketing plan, tracking the budget  and ensuring the smooth running of all your programmed activities. They will work closely with all members of the team and hold overall responsibility for the delivery of your project.

Business Planning

We can help you formulate your strategic business plan to ensure your vision and goals for your business are realistic and can be realised. We can help you develop methods for attaining your goals and the time-frame for their achievement, providing you with a simple road-map for the direction to your project and/or business


Fund raising is a big part of what we all di in the arts to make our visions  a reality from the studio to the stage. Dance Services can help you through the process with support in the development of bid writing to public funders as well as the development of Case for Support materials, formulating fund raising strategies, optimising company structure for fund raising, board development for effective fund raising as well as advising on and shaping applications and projects budgets for Arts Council, other public funders and trusts and foundations.


Our marketing professional will help you crate and raise awareness of your work. They can help you communicate with target audiences and build and develop audience relationships. From designing a simple add to marketing plans, advertising campaigns, direct marketing and maximising your social media opportunities, we can offer a range of services.

International Travel Requirements

Our expert partners can ease you through the minefield of international travel and touring. They take care of all visa and immigration related services. From advising you on which visa to apply for, to visa processing, petition preparation or just applying for a second passport.

Public Relations

Public Relations is an important part of the overall Communication mix and  our services include planning, developing and implementing PR strategies, managing enquiries from the media, individuals and other organisations.  We also offer research, writing and distribution of press releases to targeted media and planning publicity strategies and campaigns on line and in the wider press and media and can support you in building relationships with the dance press.

© Jevan Chowdhury
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